How to become safe from false leads

A lot of people talk about how different travel agencies scam people or how users get trapped and confused with so many offers and voices around. However looking with the perspective of travel companies and independent travel agents there are a lot of time they get caught up with users who just consume their time but at the end don’t opt for any service. Getting lead is difficult in the business like theses however we must admit the fact that it is not a good practice to keep someone hooked on to a particular person and at the end wasting their hell lot of time and energy. Here are few practices that travel agents can inculcate and bring into life in order to get along with the false leads or uninterested customers:

Asking is the key

You find never find an answer if you don’t ask. So ask about the preferences, requirements and needs of the customer to have a fair idea of what really the person wants or even if they want or not in the first place. You should be smart enough to understand with the tone of he person if they are really interested in your service or not. 


Don’t oversell

Your business is your baby and your strength. You should be proud of it and believe in it. Never oversell or force people to use your service or keep back bash the other companies. Your work should be able to speak for itself and that will only make you successful in a long run. Do not keep calling and forcing people if they don’t resonate with your response.


Understand what is not working

You need to be willing to learn from your mistakes and not just feel that you can do no wrong. We are humans and are bound to make mistakes. Analyse why you are not able to convert the customers into leads and then work on your skills to upgrade it.


Don’t keep bugging people

If you keep calling people even when they are not interested or keep disconnecting your call you should understand that the are not going to add any value to your business. Rather you are creating a bad name and a bad image of your brand and thus affecting your brand value. Don’t overdo your service and let the people decide if they really are looking for your help or not.


Good communication skills

Communication is a key be it any business. Use proper word and the most important thing is to be an equally good listener and understand the customer’s needs. You have no idea what a great deal breaker a communicator can be.