What is IATA Certification?

IATA stands for the International Air Transport Association that is responsible to regulate the travel industry of aviation globally. Many travel agencies and agents would apply for this certification to showcase their qualification to the tourists and grab their attention. IATA certification offers a myriad of benefits to the students, travel agents and many small business owners globally. The basic course and training imparted would hone the skills of the agents at the workplace.

What is IATA?

This will exchange and maintain a key relationship with the world airlines and is serving around 265 airlines globally and controlling 83% of the air traffic. There are many areas that are held by IATA. This association would assist in coming up with new industry policies to address the concerns in the aviation industry. This is the private organization that would let the registered airlines across the globe to offer safe, nominal, reliable and highly dependable airline services. The main aim of IATA is to learn and impart knowledge about the industry to the decision makers and educate on the benefits that aviation would give to the businesses operating nationally and globally. The IATA certification is designed by the industry experts and this course is updated from time to time to let the students stay on par with the latest standards, administrative policies, and meet the progressing demands of the aviation industry. This certification can be done by the airline executives and people involved in airline operations. Few of the areas on which the candidates are trained include travel sales and operation, ticketing, fare calculation, air ticketing and airline operations. This certification has to be pursued by the people who want to gain extensive knowledge on the travel as well as tourism industry. 


What the students will learn in this IATA certification course?

These are some learning points for Students. 

  • Offer a superior quality service to the clients and boost client loyalty

  • Learn about a wide range of services and facilities to give access to all the passengers travelling by air to different locations

  • Learn how to book and market about the travel products

  • Save travel itineraries with the help of standard industry coding

  • Give counseling to the clients on the password and visa requirements and also educate them on the travel insurance benefits

  • Sell tailor made packages on renting cars, rails, hotel accommodation and cruises.


Who will be benefited from this IATA course?

Following are the few job profiles that would be benefitted to take up this IATA certification: 

  • Students who want to pursue the profession in the travel industry

  • Junior travel specialists

  • Airline Representatives

  • Travel agents

  • Staff of the big companies who are responsible to make travel arrangements to the employees and clients


What are the eligibility criteria to take up IATA certification?

An undergraduate who has completed the 12th standard or equivalent course from a reputed board is eligible to undergo this certification.

Benefits of taking IATA certification
IATA certification is accepted widely. If IATA aspirants earn this certification, you can work as a travel agent in any of travel companies globally. This is the prestigious and highly recognized certification by the travel agencies and airlines globally. When you hold this certification, you can work in any place across India and other places without any educational constraints. 
The IATA course has been created by the industry professionals who hold ample experience and knowledge of the travel industry. IATA course offers many trainings and diploma courses that are recognized globally. If you want to become a tour operator, ticketing professional, airline executive, tour operator or an airline operations staff, you have to undergo this course. This course will give you in-depth knowledge and clear cut insights into the travel and tourism industry. When you hold this certification, you can get a decent pay in big companies. There is a lot of scope for the professionals with this certification to work in many domains. Few of them include - airline services, travel agencies, cruise lines, tour operators, tour escort, back offices, car rentals and hotels.


What are the roles offered for IATA certification aspirants?

The student completing this certification can get the job in the following capacities. There include:

  • Junior travel consultants

  • Tour operators

  • Travel agents

  • Call center agents

  • This certification is best for the IATA aspirants who want to enter into the travel industry and work with top companies as the travel agent or in different roles related to travel. There are different levels to be completed in this course. The basic will be the foundation and the next level will be a consultant role. You can learn about booking, tour packages, and airfare ticketing calculations, essentials of air transport, travel formalities, codes, geography and technology. This certification is highly valued in 230 airlines that are operating globally. Many airlines would prefer to hire the candidates who hold IATA certification.