Top 5 GDS for hotel, flight bookings

Many travel agents are using the Global Distribution System (GDS) over the other booking channels.  Earlier, the travel agents used phones, emails, hotel sites and directories to book the air tickets and hotel accommodation. Basically, Global distribution system is a network system that is owned and managed by a company which would carry out transactions between the travel industry service providers, especially the airlines, hotels, car rental services and travel agencies. This GDS will stand as a key channel to contact airlines, hotels and car rental companies. There is no job that a travel agent can carry out without GDS. Today, many small to big travel agencies are using the Global Distribution System to get the work done. The GDS would act as the direct sellers of air fares where the travel agents can enter into an agreement with the GDS and access to the fares and sell the ticket at a higher price than what is offered to them to the customers. When the travel agent has access to GDS, he/she would get the first hand air tickets and book air tickets. This helps them to earn huge profits by selling the ticket for a higher fare. 

Today, there are thousands of travel agents who are plugging into the GDS every day to book flights, car rents, destination activities and hotels. GDS offers a single interface to book hotels, air tickets and hire car rentals. The companies who organize trips for the customers will use GDS as the best way to book hotels and air tickets. 


This is a distribution services company that is offering its travel solutions to the small travel agencies with its latest airline reservation system, amazing travel products and travel solutions. There is a different software that is provided by this GDS including hotel booking, air booking, cruise booking, insurance and other travel system. The travel agents can use this software to easily book hotels and air tickets for its customers. 



This is a Global Distribution System company that caters a wide range of services and dispenses the content to the GDS across the globe. This GDS system will offer an easy to use and flexible interface for the travel agents to book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, sightseeing and car transfers. In addition, it also offers a gamut of ancillary services. There is customized Amadeus software that is available for the travel companies and travel agents to book tickets for its customers easily and at a low fare. This is the biggest GDS that is reaching millions of customers globally. This company is helping travel agents to run the business efficiently and give the best travel experience to its customers. The best feature that is offered by this GDS is that the customer can book the desired light ticket online without calling. 



This is another best GDS that are allowing the travel agencies and companies to offer the best airline contents to customers. This helps the travel companies to boost their business by giving access to the leisure and corporate travelers. This is a web based travel ecommerce that is offering the best travel solutions to all kinds of travelers in online. This offer its services to the travel agencies, travel suppliers and travel sites across the globe. The best part of this GDS is that it offers industry first fare, pricing and booking technologies. There are easy to use shopping tools which let the travel companies to book air tickets and hotel accommodation by cutting down the expenses and increase the productivity. 



This is helping around 40000 travel agents across the globe to have access to 400 airlines, 175000 hotels, 200 tour operators, 40 car rental services, 50 rail carriers and 17 cruise lines. This offer end to end customer services. This company is serving airlines, hotels, travel agents, and travel buyers operating offline and online. This company is offering the best solutions which are letting the travel companies to manage their business, cut down costs and boost revenues. The travel agencies can grow their business by booking flight tickets and hotels through GDS where the prices are little lesser fare. 


Apollo GDS

This GDS is offering services to the small travel agencies, corporations, travel suppliers and travel websites globally. This GDS system allows the travel agents to book the air tickets and hotel rooms for the customers at a nominal price than what is sold in the market. This helps the travel agents to make huge profits.  



This was started in 1988 and is one of the leading travel solutions and services in the Asia Pacific region. This is headquartered in Singapore and has a tie up with 11 airlines in Asia. This is used by thousands of travel agents globally to book air tickets and hotel booking. This is the cost-effective way to book air tickets and hotel accommodation for the customers who are availing your tour packages. 



This is the most popular Global distribution system that is used in the hospitality reservation industry to offer travel solutions. This allows the travel agents to directly book hotel accommodation and air tickets on the required dates. This is offering the best travel technology tool and is winning the hearts of travel agents, especially the smaller agents in the market. This is a boon for the travel professionals to give a tough competition to the other competitors in the market and earn huge profits. This would cater the everyday travel needs of the agencies. 
The above are a few best GDS that are used by small travel agencies to book air tickets, hotel booking and air transfers for the customers quickly.