How to get review from your travelers?

Today, be it a traveler or a customer who is buying an appliance or product would read the reviews about the company that is producing the product before buying it. Reviews can make a break the business for a company. If there are positive reviews for the company, it grabs the attention of new customers towards the brand and drives them to buy your products. The reviews play a critical role in increasing the sales and reputation. For a travel agency, reviews are critical. Before deciding to contact a travel agency, many travelers read the reviews about the agencies that are left by the travelers who availed your services. Based on the reviews, they decide whether or not to contact you. Therefore, it is highly critical for you to compel your customers to leave a review about their travel experience and the services offered by your travel agency. As per the studies, it was found that around 53% of the travelers disclosed that they would not book with the travel agencies until and unless they do not read reviews about them. There are 80% of travelers who have read the reviews 8 to 12 times on review websites before contacting any travel agency.
Few of the ways to get more reviews from the existing and new travelers include:

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