8 Tricks To Connect With A Customer Who Is Not Convinced

Clients never purchase products or services because of its features. They purchase your product because they perceive some "benefit" to those features. Regrettably, most sales and marketing messages talk about features and let the customers try to figure out the benefits. You'll get more patrons, more quickly, if you speak about the advantages of using your product or service rather than the features it possesses. As a company, you’ve got a wide variety of products or services. They are of great quality. So why would your potential clients be struggling with the final decision? The answer is simple: there are numerous vendors like you out there and you need to ensure you stand out from your competitors.


Here are some tricks to integrate into your company to convince your customers to buy or work with your company.

1 Create clear descriptions of the products or services you offer

Include the correct price of the product or service with no hidden costs. Be specific and to the point. People like to know about the details that will help them make proper decisions. Speak the language of benefits but be honest. Do not promise what you cannot keep. It is easy to fall into a “one-time customer” trap but avoids that path. Maintaining great relationships with your new customers will help you retain them for longer.


2 Deliver more than is expected, a kind of a surprise

People like surprises. Surprises or bonuses help build positive emotions around your brand. They make clients feel happy and appreciated. As a result, the customers will strongly connect these positive emotions to your brand and the odds are you won’t be forgotten. Ways of adding a surprise include adding samples, using an interesting packaging system, adding a sweet note or an extra feature your client didn’t pay for but which might be useful for them. Basically, do something to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Be unique and thoughtful, but keep in mind your target audience’s needs.


3 Inform your customers about the terms and conditions and privacy policy of your company

Make sure your terms and conditions are simple, easy to understand and readily available on your website. What to include in your terms and conditions? Primarily, include information such as general terms of use, payments, taxes and refunds or membership programs. Additionally, clients are very careful about providing their personal data. It is very significant that you provide them with the full understanding of where this data goes. Be transparent.


4 Highlight why you’re different from your competitors

Benefits that are general to your product category can convince a customer to buy, but not necessarily from you! Explain advantages that differentiate you from your competitors:
•    Wrong: "Our technology makes you more productive."
•    Right: "Our clients report an average 20% decrease in costs, about three times the industry average."


5 Avoid using overly technical jargon

Nothing ruins a benefit of emotion more than the use of tired business cliches or overly technical terminology.



6 Work towards making your brand trustworthy

If you have any certificates, licenses or testimonials, show them on your website to your potential clients. Build credibility from day number one.


7 Use vibrant but simple language

Potential clients will remember a benefit longer and more easily if it's expressed using plain, strong words that evoke emotion.


8 Most importantly, always be reachable

Provide the full correct name of your firm, contact details and time frames within which the customers may contact you. If you use social media to stay in touch with your customers, provide the specific link. Plan on creating a chat room and ensure someone is available during office hours. In conclusion, be easy to contact.