Write Now, Send Later

Write an email now and schedule it to send automatically when you know travelers will read it.

We’ve listened to your feedback and are proud to announce the feature you’ve asked for the most: scheduling emails to send later.

Scheduling emails gives you precise control for when your email reaches the traveler's inbox. For example, you can write an email at 11pm at night, then schedule it to arrive promptly in the morning at 8am when travelers opens maximum mails. You can also use email scheduling to send yourself reminders, or just to make sure your email arrives when others are likely to read it. This gives you great precision over your email delivery. We’ve worked hard to make scheduling emails with HOOK easy and intuitive.

How to use it

After you compose your email on lead detail page, click to the ‘Send Later’ button next to the Send button. The schedule menu will open and you will see preset times to choose from.  The times are in the current times zone you’re in.

If you would like to scheduled for a specific time, you can type it into the entry field. Click on the OK button to confirm the time.