VALUE ASSURED - by hellotravel

What is Value Assured?

Value Assured is a newly launched service of hellotravel which will come pre-bundled with all latest plans. As a travel company you have invested right with Hellotravel and we would like to extend the value you get from our services. We understand that when you purchase many leads, you may not be happy with some of them.

With "Value Assured", if you are not satisfied with any lead for any reason, let us know using "Raise a concern" button in hook and we will be happy to give you replacement credit points to purchase more lead(s), no questions asked. Isn’t it great? This service lets you focus only on maturing more leads, providing quality service to your customers and leave the worries to us.

Oh! One more thing, we have enabled it in all accounts in which any plan is subscribed on or after Sep 1, 2016


How does it work?

Value Assured works in sync with your account rating. It means that higher your rating, higher the percentage of purchased leads that you will be eligible for replacement, no questions asked.

Account rating is a performance rating basis your account usage, maturity rates, customer reviews in hook. To increase your rating, you need to work on all your leads with regular updates, mature more leads and seek more reviews from customers.


Where do I see my rating?

Our team is working day and night to ensure that you see your rating quickly and very soon you shall see it in your account. Until then, you may do the following – create sub-usersupdate the leads and ask for reviews from customers.

If you would like to subscribe to our subscriptions, please call us at 91-11-30908656