How to Improve Reviews and Ratings from Travelers?

When we talk about vacation, the first thing we look out is for a travel agency or a travel company which can make the best packages. For people who are running these travel company, social media is the platform which makes you raise in the market and eventually even make you fall down. So for the people who want to grab the market they should focus on improving the ratings of their site. So given below are certain ways on how you can improve the ratings from travelers.

Don’t Generate Fake Reviews

The first and the mandatory thing to follow for improving the rating is that you don’t generate fake reviews. Fake reviews can be checked out easily and people can come to know that you are doing this for the sake of promotion. So it will be a negative impact in the mind of people. So don’t go for fake reviews and focus on getting real compliments and ratings from the people.


Offer Discounts for the Positive Feedback

Improving rating from the travelers is not an easy task. If your travelers give you a positive rating or feedback you should thank them. Thanking can be in kind too. You can offer some extra service or discount and say them to use it when they choose your company again for the service. You can even give them small gifts as a token of love. So do that to increase your rating


Give a Reply to the Negative Comments

We can understand that negative rating hurts your emotions and you feel upset about that but to increase your travel rating you need to convert the negative rating into a positive one. So in that case reply to the negative comment. Say them sorry and ask the problem they have faced. Do try to solve the issue or compensate them. By this, you will definitely increase your rating.


Don't Let your Page Stay Unattended

Once you make the page and you think work is done then you are mistaken. It is very important that you make the page run in a proper working condition. Don’t let it go unattended. Give replies to your client. Connect it with your phone and see that no customer query goes unattended. Even if you are busy keep someone who could manage the page and guide the people for whatever they ask. This will be the best method to increase your rating.


Collect All the Data and Go for its Analysis

It is very important to see that you analyze the data and find out what is good and what is bad. Don t just let it go like that. When you will see you will definitely understand that where you are lacking and what your customers expect from you. So this is the best way to know where you stand and by this, you can work on it to improve your ratings.

Thus these are some of the ways by which you can improve your ratings and make you portal a better one.