Notifications on HOOK to keep you updated

Notifications features on HOOK is now out of alpha mode. Until now we were adding more and more notifications on HOOK so that you don't have to do to&fro between HOOK and you mailbox. Objective of notifications is very simple - to keep you posted with all important things happening in your account. Following are the features for which we are sending you notifications of:

1.When a Preferred Lead/Free Lead is given
2.A Review is received from traveler
3.Package is approved/rejected
4.Tips: How to get more business and improve productivity
5.Travelers opens/clicks the mail sent by you
6.Traveler looks for a call back from you
7.Traveler looks for a quote from you
8.Traveler is not satisfied from your quote
9.Traveler wants a better deal
10.Reminder to call/email a traveler
11.Traveler booked a tour with you
12.When you make Online payment to hellotravel

Don't forget to clear your notifications which are present inside the bell icon on top right side of your navigation menu when you login to hook:

You can also see all your notifications by clicking on 'View All' link in the notifications panel:


View all link in the notifications