Travel trends that will drive the tourism industry in 2019


Traveling is the most loved hobby of the people. Traveling refreshes the mind and gives you a new zeal. People usually want a vacation at all points of time. Given below are the traveling trends that will drive the tourism industry in 2019.

Mobile Booking will take the lead


The new thing which is attracting people is Mobile Booking. For any kind of travel related booking, people prefer going for mobile booking as they can do it anywhere anytime as there are easy access portals plus there are a great number of discounts offered by different sites when you log in online.  Though some people who are still not aware of it go for calling and pay hefty amounts but being a tech-savvy world people have adapted to this new thing and mobile booking is the latest go.


Online reviews have the maximum impact on bookings


When we talk about booking hotels, the first things which we look on is for the online reviews. It is very important to see the reviews as from there you can have the fare idea about what kind of place is it, How it serves people and is it really worth paying the amount. From the online reviews only people make decisions and then the booking is done. So, online reviews have a great impact on the bookings of the travel industry.


Protecting the environment is a great deal now and focus on less explored places will be there


People have now understood that the environment of the place needs to be secured and so they are doing the best and planning trips to unexplored places. Now travel and vacation are not just about own pleasure but about keeping the balance for society as well. So people leaving Barcelona and Venice are looking out for offbeat locations which are less rush and safe to stay and there is no harm to the environment.


Safe markets and locations for women


The new Agenda which is there in the minds of people is to make places safer especially for the women so that they can enjoy and stay there. Now vacation for women is like going selectively as there are a number of destinations which are not safe but now government and tourism industry is doing the best effort to make the places safe and fun for women. The females can now roam in all those chirpy markets without any fear.


There will be a rise in the Eastbound markets


This year will definitely be a better period in which there will be a rise in the eastbound markets. From the Arab world to the India, people experience more tourism and even there is a rise in foreign income as well. Now tourist wants to explore this east side’s so definitely they will become better and more explored.

Thus when we talk about travel trends, these are the latest ones which will be observed in the year 2019 for travel and tourism industry.