Top Travel Technology Trends Coming in the Year 2019

Travelling adds a unique experience every time we opt for it. With the coming up of 2019, we are hoping for new tech travel trends. Given below is the list of some travel technology trends for 2019.

Increasing Micro Trips

It is reported that around fifty-three per cent of the people plan to go for weekend trips which means that there will be a huge business for local economies. 2019 will be a period in which big itineraries will be cut short to small trips where the time frame is reduced. All credit for this will go to improvements in flight routes, transport, cheap flights, on-demand car rentals and accommodation, micro-trips will become more and more popular and will have an alteration. There will be a chance where people will opt for staying in unique and remarkable types of accommodation which will look great and trendy so get those yurt and caravan booked beforehand only.


Conscious Travelers

According to the coming up of trends in 2019, there will be travelers who will become conscious and they will go to a place keeping all the concern. Any place which harms their image or is an inconvenience to localities in terms of pollution, sexual harassment etc will be cut down from the list. They want to act as responsible people towards society. Even they would go for the pride rallies and walk to support equal development and safety zone for all.


Easy Be the Way for Things

It is believed that travelers are now more enthusiastic about real-time luggage tracking through a mobile app.  Around 57 per cent people have shown their craze and are happy to have a single app for all their planning, booking and travel needs. Even the travels are happy about the idea of a 'virtual travel agent' in their home, and one in five want to see technology such as amplified reality helping them to know the destination in real terms before they even arrive at the destination.


Bringing the Personal Guides for Travel

To see how the travel information is used and consumed, 2019 is the year. It is believed that around 40 per cent of the people are looking out for people who work for them, do things for them and give travel recommendations. Meanwhile, around 41 per cent want travel brands to make use of technologies such as AI to give travel suggestions to people on the basis of past travel experience. A number of people are quite excited to make use of digital tour guide, bringing them a truly bespoke experience so next year is surely a time to look out for companies using better ways to curating and delivery our picture-perfect holidays at just one click.


Uncharted Territories

NASA will begin the construction of its Lunar Space Station in 2019 which will be launched in 2022 and there will be considerable investment in orbital spaceflight in 2019.

Travelers seem to be lot excited about the prospect of space travel in the future and are open to going for the experience themselves. Once space travel becomes a reality people will actually wish to explore uncharted territories here on Earth in the coming year.

Thus these are the travel technology trends we are excited to see in 2019.