6 Tricks to increase numbers of LEADS from your website

With increasing competition in the online world, is vital to make sure that you are making the maximum of your visitors. Driving traffic is a costly affair and if your website is not made in a suitable manner, your business could end up suffering. Whether you use your website you get more visits or sell products online or boost subscription rates, the tips given below will be a great help to increase the number of Leads from your website.

1. Add Your Phone Number to your website

You might think that adding a phone number to a website looks backwards but actually, it helps you to boost your credibility. Your website doesn't give an appearance of being a scam one as your basic contact information help people to trust you. Even people can look up to your website and help people to contact you.


2. Do mention your Address or Location on your website

According to a study by Google to increase the number of leads for your website, it is important to mention your address.  Actually, 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information about the people or website. Half of all customers who look for local businesses on their smartphone make in-person visits the particular day, and 18% of local smartphone searches "guide to a purchase within a day." When you add your address to your website, you actually increase the credibility. Even this leads to increase in leads and drive more sales.


3. Install the Live Online Chat Option

Live chat is a good option which can actually generate sales and increase leads, irrespective of what industry you are catering to. This actually offers you an opportunity to dialogue straight with a vision who might otherwise be reluctant or not capable to phone you. Think of the people who are sitting on a bus, office workers who are stuck in a meeting, or anyone else who would prefer chatting rather than talking. There are many actually because a number of people feel shy while talking direct.


4. Photos should be added To Your User Testimonial Pages

Testimonial serves out to be a great road to connect the marketing power of "social proof," so long as your visitors have a belief that those statements from happy customers and clients are actually in reality by live people. Thus the addition of photos to your testimonial page can help you make more leads by inducing the audience that there are real live people behind those chirps and lovely videos


5. Use Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the best way to give information at quite a fast pace. They have come out to be the best tool in case of lead generation especially when the product of concern is quite a complexed one.


6. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays most people use internet on their smartphones. There are a small bunch who just especially open laptops for the same.  By making the website mobile-friendly, you can achieve leads from the profitable and increasing mobile internet user market.

Thus, these are some of the tricks to increase the number of leads from the website.