Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q.on HOOK


1.1 What is hook

It’s a cloud based lead management software built for your sales teams. It helps them track and close their files without spending hours filling out spreadsheets.
You can track your sales team performance to improve your company’s productivity and overall business.
You can get latest status of all leads as updated by your team instantly on hook. Even if you are traveling, you can view all reports on your mobile

1.2 Is hook available free of cost


1.3 How can I start using it

You just have to Signup for a FREE account and start adding your leads or purchase leads from our marketplace to manage

1.4 What is Add Leads feature

Add leads allows you to add your leads which you have acquired through marketing channels such as website, B2B relationship, or any other lead aggregator apart from Hellotravel.
With this, you can track the performance of all leads in your company on a single platform. You will, now, no longer required to manage excel sheets and manually followup with your team for updated reports.
You can get latest status of all leads as updated by your team instantly on hook. Even if you are traveling, you can view all reports on your mobile

1.5 Is it safe to add all of my leads on hook? Will they be shared with others

All your leads are private to you and every information is safe and secure on our platform. It will never be shared with anyone else or come on our marketplace.

1.6 Where do I see all leads

All your leads (whether purchased or add manually) are available in 'My Leads' section.

1.7 How do I filter leads

You can filter leads in 3 ways:

a. Search by date - it will filter leads on the basis of received date

b. Search by - Name/Email/Phone - select criterion from dropdown and type what you want to search.

c. Filter by - Duration/Destination/Status/Source - It's an interactive multiple selection field. You can select multiple options for e.g filter of 2 Nights/3 Days (duration), Manali (destination), New (status), Website (source) will bring all the leads of Manali which has status as new, duration as 2 Nights/3 Days and came through your website.

We are regularly adding more, so keep checking for awesome filters that make lead management a breeze

1.8 How do I change lead details

You can change lead details on lead details page. Currently you can change following:

Phone, Email, People, Departure can be changed by clicking on them. Rest all are dropdowns to choose from. We are constantly adding more fields, so keep checking back


2.1 Is it free to add packages

Yes, you can add unlimited packages and get leads generated from your packages free of cost. It saves you all the marketing expenses otherwise required to acquire customers.

2.2 What is Push to Top

Push to Top feature will bring your package on top of hellotravel marketplace. It will bring more exposure to your package and gets you more leads.

2.3 My packages are expiring, what should I do

You should update the price and modify the validity

2.4 How do I know how many leads received from packages

It will be shown in 'My Packages' box on Dashboard of HOOK


3.1 I am not able to see other users in my account

It could be because you have logged from a subuser account. If you have logged in from master account then you can see the list of users here:

3.2 How do I recharge my account

Only a master user has an option to recharge an account. You can recharge your account by paying online here: