How to cold call CEOs and Top executives in Travel Industry


Many people think that cold calling is dead, but you will be amazed to know that there is a number of companies generating revenues through cold calling. No matter how big company is customer care and sales representatives are always on their toes to generate more and more sales. Travel companies often provide lucrative offers through these cold calls, they even call CEO's and top executives to provide group packages for their employees. However, cold calling the CEO is way too ahead then general cold calling. It becomes the most intimidating part of the sales strategy.

Convincing a CEO to talk even can be really tough, leave aside converting calls into sales. To cold call, the CEO or top executive in Travel Industry requires a lot of preparation and factual figures.

If you are also hesitant to directly cold call the CEO, here are some quick tips to help you in selling your travel plan:

1. Persistence:


To sell something to CEO of any company, one call or meeting is just not enough. They may not even remember you the next time you will meet them, so make sure be persistent in your approach while you deal with C- levels. Include emails, phone calls, social contacts and even walk-ins for getting through your offer with a CEO. Don't give up it doesn't respond in your first call, don't forget you are dealing with CEO of the company.


2. Personalized Content:


Content is everything when you want to pitch for sales. It is easy to reach C-level if you provide personalized content to them. For e.g. providing travel packages according to their budget and requirement is the best thing they can ask for. Get to know their need and try to provide them with tailor-made solutions.


3. Use different communication channels:


It is not that easy to reach C-levels, one communication channel can never be enough to convince them. Use different channels to reach them, start with sending an introductory mail followed by the call and then personal meeting. After reaching out to them try sending them a customized video. Try to make a video after thorough research and planning, invest the good amount of time to make it a lucrative offer.


4. Reputation:


Event after having stiff competition, CEO's of different companies often sit together in social gatherings and meetings, therefore it is really important to build a good reputation. Reputation is key in the marketing business, one wrong move can spoil your relationship with other clients as well, therefore be sure about what you do to pitch your sales.

With these tips, we are sure that you can bridge the gap between calling and quality cold calling to C-levels. But never pressurize them to buy your products or services, convince them intelligently. Make your first call a formal one to know more about them, ask for the right time when they can talk, never start pitching the moment they get in your reach. Never forget that they hold the highest position and annoying them can lead to losing a lot of business.